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February 2009



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Feb. 26th, 2009



TMB - Version 2

(Bit of a late entry, but....)

The second version of TMB is up! Instead of blue, the forum has now been splashed with purple! And because I can't be bothered to list my updates, I'll just post the mass PM here.

  • We have a new skin! I'm sure you all must've been quite bored with the blue skin by now, so now we have purple! Doesn't it look like someone just came and threw grape juice all over the place? [image] I'm quite proud of how the place looks like right now!
  • I've integrated story posting forms in all story and poetry boards now! You no longer have to copy and paste the form to fill it in. Rather, when you attempt to create a new thread, you will be presented with a form which you have to fill - just like Fanfiction.Net or FictionPress.Com! Please update yourselves with the new posting guides!
  • I have started the Buddy System! This is a little project which I think will help the new members and the senior members interact and get to know each other a little better. :)
  • We now have a Club Auction where you can actually buy the clubs whose leaders are no longer active. Do keep an eye on that place if there's a certain club you would like to buy!
  • We have also opened two new clubs - The Neek Squad and The Debate Club! If you're interested in either of those, then please do join or contact the club leaders!
  • You're all blue! I finally managed to find a decent code which changes the color of all members so that they don't look like any other thread. Hehe.
  • The Story Convention is going to be restarted. If you're interested in joining, then please do sign up here.
  • New contests are now up! Please do go to the Contests board and check out all the new contests we have started.
  • Also, I would like to announce that there were no winners in the last round of Group Collaborations, seeing as none of the groups quite managed to finish their stories. :( I'm sorry. Do feel free to sign up for the next round here if you're interested in playing again.
  • Tearlit has posted several new writing prompts! If you're interested, then please go and check them out!

Nov. 21st, 2008

sexy moment


Secret Santa!

If you are signed up for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange and have written a story/poem for the person assigned to you, then please post an anonymous comment here containing your story! Use the following form and please place the story under an LJ Cut.

To: (name of member)
Word Count:

Oct. 24th, 2008



The Scavenger Hunt

Currently, TMB is having a scavenger hunt in honour of the upcoming Halloween. The members have been given riddles and were required to find items on the site. Everyday a new riddle was posted and the members were given 24 hours to solve it.

Three riddles have already been posted, and there's less than 10 hours left before the new riddle is put up. Here is what the members had to solve so far:

 Round and plump, scary and nice
Don't you feel oh-so-excited knowing,
That I'll be greeting you at the doorstep?


Skeletal and sinister I may be
Telling fables of other people
Of seas and demons and more still...


I dance and dance and dance
And I only stop to say farewell
To the person who last wore me